BD launches Hyflow needle for prefillable syringe systems

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BD has announced the launch of its new Hyflow needle, a 27-gauge thin-wall needle that improves the performance of the company's prefillable syringe range.

Thanks to the optimised inner diameter of the BD Hyflow needle, highly viscous drug formulations can be injected without the need for a larger and more painful needle, while also reducing the amount of pressure necessary to inject.

Its launch comes at a time when highly viscous formulations are becoming more prevalent in pharmaceutical industry portfolios, making this an important new development.

Hyflow is one of a number of new products that BD Medical plans to launch over the next 18 months to enhance the performance of prefilled syringe systems.

Eric Borin, vice-president and general manager for BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems in the Americas, said: "As a leader in the field of prefillable syringes and needle technology, it is essential that we continuously innovate to meet the needs of our customers."

This comes after the company last month announced the acquisition of Safety Syringes, a manufacturer of passive needle shields and guards for prefilled syringes.

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