Mettler Toledo launches Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipette

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Mettler Toledo has announced the launch of its new Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipette, its latest innovation for users in the life science sector.

The new device is designed to combine speed and ease of use with comfort and accuracy, featuring precision joystick control and a large 64-bit colour screen that makes its various functions simple to access.

Its ultra-ergonomic grip and balance ensure that it remains comfortable to use after many hours, while its various modes include settings for routine work, viscous liquids, titration, dilutions and more.

According to the manufacturer, this new device can therefore offer various benefits to those in the pharmaceutical industry, facilitating the drug discovery process.

"Every detail of this precision instrument has been carefully scrutinised by Rainin engineers and tested for ease, usability and practicality by life science researchers," said Mettler Toledo.

Last month, the company announced that Pharmacontrol Electronic has become part of the Mettler Toledo group and will become part of an expanded product inspection division.

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