Corbett Research owner Qiagen acquires Cellestis


Corbett Research owner Qiagen has announced the acquisition of Cellestis, an Australia-based medical diagnosis company.

The firm is responsible for the development and marketing of QuantiFERON technology products, which are used in the fields of diagnosis and scientific research.

QuantiFERON technology enables the detection of cell mediated immune responses of T cell lymphocytes by using samples of whole blood.

Cellestis shareholders have approved the acquisition, which will now proceed to a court hearing next Tuesday (August 9th 2011). If the court gives the green light to the merger, it is estimated the implementation date will be August 29th.

Peer Schatz, chief executive officer of Qiagen, said the company is "delighted" by the support it has received from people with shares in Cellestis.

He added the move will be good for both sets of investors, stating: "Cellestis shareholders will realise a very good premium in cash for their shares, while the acquisition of Cellestis offers opportunities to create significant value for Qiagen shareholders."

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