Biohit launches new Proline Plus mechanical pipette

Scientific Company News

Biohit has announced the launch of a new addition to its portfolio of Proline Plus mechanical pipettes.

The Proline Plus 5-50 microlitre single-channel model is available now and is designed to offer reliable and long-lasting performance, as well as ease of use.

Like other additions in the range, it provides smooth, light plunger operation and a high thermal insulation rating, while also being extremely tolerant to physical stress and exposure to chemicals or ultraviolet light.

Moreover, it has been optimised for a high-level safety performance, using Safe-Cone filters to prevent contamination and an ergonomic design to protect against repetitive strain injuries.

The manufacturer states that the Proline Plus brand now offers the "widest model range among the Biohit mechanical pipette selection, including nine single-channel, 13 fixed-volume and six multichannel models".

Last month, the science company announced that it will be combining the management of its diagnostics and liquid handling sales and marketing units in order to improve operational efficiency.

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