JRI Orthopaedics launches Vaios shoulder replacement system

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JRI Orthopaedics has announced the launch of Vaios, its award-winning new total shoulder arthroplasty system.

The Sheffield-based company has released the shoulder replacement device following a collaboration with leading academics at Newcastle University, which was partly funded by the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme.

It has been optimised to deliver complete intraoperative versatility, providing a choice between anatomic and inverse surgical options during the procedure, while also improving on the high failure rate of existing implants.

The Vaios system has already been honoured with the new mechanical product of the year accolade at the recent British Engineering Excellence Awards, recognising the advance it offers in surgical technology.

JRI expressed confidence that Vaios will become "a highly successful clinical device allowing many patients to return to their normal daily activities and benefit from improved quality of life".

Other products offered by the company include the Furlong range of hip replacement innovations, which were first introduced in 1985.

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