Mettler Toledo highlights benefits of pipetting range


Mettler Toledo has highlighted the advantages its range of pipetting solutions can offer to pharmaceutical laboratories.

The science company offers a range of pipetting products, including Rainin LTS LiteTouch pipettes and BioClean tips, which it states have been designed for maximum ergonomic benefit in order to reduce the risk of fatigue.

It identified this as a particularly important issue in pharmaceutical labs due to the repetitive and essential nature of the work, which can potentially compromise accuracy and safety.

In addition, Mettler Toledo pointed to the inert nature of its BioClean tips as a key factor in eliminating sample contamination, increasing the reproducibility of data.

The manufacturer explained: "Data reproducibility is particularly important with respect to compliance-related issues where manually introduced data deviations have profoundly adverse effects upon various processes."

Last month, Mettler Toledo announced the launch of its WMC weigh module, a small and compact device which has been optimised for easy incorporation and use in laboratories.

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