Mettler Toledo introduces compact new weighing module


Mettler Toledo has launched a new weighing module which is designed to offer optimal performance alongside an extremely compact design.

The new WMC weigh module is described by the science company as the world's smallest high-precision weighing sensor, with a width of only one inch.

According to the manufacturer, its design means it can be easily integrated into automated process in laboratories, as well as allowing many modules to be placed side-by-side for simultaneous multi-process applications.

Despite its small size, it is also optimised to deliver versatile functionality and high-speed performance, offering a capacity of 20g and a readability of 0.00001g.

Mettler Toledo claims that the WMC's attributes make it ideal for the "fast, precise filling of pharmaceuticals" or for use in check weighing of small quantities or parts.

Last week, Mettler Toledo won a positive testimony for its InspireX x-ray inspection system from pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which has been utilising the device for around two years.

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