Purina announces winners of equine contest

Veterinary Supplier News

Purina has announced the end of its Senior Horse Tales contest and named the winners.

In a statement, the international vet supply company said that the competition, which asked people to explain how its Equine Senior product made a positive impact on their animals, was a success.

More than 800 owners of older horses submitted entries in the contest and the overall winner was Jennifer Kruzel and her 33-year-old quarter horse named Brownie.

As the person who came in first place, Ms Kruzel will receive 1.5 tonnes of Purina Equine Senior horse feed.

Commenting on the news, Chris Goodwin, marketing manager for Purina, which has a portfolio of brands including Go-Cat, Felix and BETA, said that the firm enjoyed reading all the entries.

He added: "The passion displayed in the essays and photographs was truly remarkable, and it was wonderful to read the many unique stories about the ageless bonds that so many horse owners share with their horses."

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