Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics expands urinalysis systems portfolio


Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has announced the expansion of its urinalysis range with the introduction of two new products - the CLINITEK Status+ Analyser and the CLINITEK Status Connect System.

The first piece of equipment features several new automated quality checks when used with Siemens urinalysis strips, while the Status Connect System aims to enhance testing oversight capabilities.

Both are now available in Europe and Japan and the firm is also planning the global launch of the items within the forthcoming year.

"These CLINITEK innovations offer next-generation quality checks and automation capabilities to help clinicians achieve even greater levels of efficiency and accuracy in urinalysis testing," commented Hanjoon Ryu, senior vice-president of point of care products at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

In other company news, the organisation entered into a partnership with Calypso Medical Technologies last month for the joint development of products that merge the Calypso System with Siemens' radiotherapy technologies.

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