Laborie Medical Technologies integrates EMR system

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Laborie Medical Technologies has revealed the successful integration of its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Urodynamic system with that of meridianEMR.

As well as being part of the firm's efforts to prevent errors, lower costs and improve patient care, meridianEMR and LABORIE MEDICAL aim to benefit urologists using Laborie Urodynamic systems.

Some of the advantages of the changes, according to the firm, include a special Laborie template that automatically inserts standardised urology comments for the various results and a greater number of data points stored per report.

"This is a perfect example of integrated technology to assist our joint clients in cutting down their time to produce exceptional narrative reports on their Urodynamic results," explained Peter Bulla, vice-president of Laborie Medical Technologies.

The company, which was established in 1967 and currently employs around 160 individuals, has European offices in Bristol, Paris and Ghent and caters to more than 70 distributors around the world.

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