Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics partners with Calypso Medical Technologies


Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has committed to working with Calypso Medical Technologies for the joint development of products integrating the Calypso System with Siemens' radiotherapy technologies, including it ARTISTE linear accelerator.

The two organisations have worked together in the past to devise multi-leaf collimater (MLC) tracking strategies in partnership with the German Cancer Research Center.

MLC tracking allows the radiation beam to move in unison with tumours based on real-time tracking data provided by the Calypso System.

This allows for faster, more precise delivery of radiation with a greater amount of accuracy.

Eric Meier, president and chief executive officer of Calypso Medical, stated: "Siemens' product offerings and leadership in the radiotherapy market are world-class. By combining Calypso's technology platform with cutting edge Siemens products, we will be well-positioned to develop advanced radiation therapy technologies."

Earlier this month, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics launched its latest piece of equipment - the Sysmex CS-2000i system - which is designed for the reduction of laboratory errors.

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