Smith & Nephew launches new dressings

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Smith & Nephew's advanced wound management division has announced the launch of two new dressings in its ALLEVYN Ag range.

The company explained that the ALLEVYN Ag Gentle and ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border products will combine the gentleness of soft gel adhesives and silicone with the antimicrobial protection of silver, as well as being designed to minimise pain during removal.

Commenting on the launch, Roger Teasdale, president of the advanced wound management unit at Smith & Nephew, said that the new products will add to the range's growing success.

"We have been able to enhance the ALLEVYN Ag range in a way which offers additional benefits and choice to our customers and which will continue to improve the quality of life for patients," he added.

Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of ACTICOAT Flex 3 and ACTICOAT Flex 7 in Europe, which it stated will offer enhanced comfort to patients and provide additional support to doctors.

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