Amgen stresses danger of viruses for cancer patients

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Amgen is to join forces with an organisation to raise the awareness of the dangers of viruses to cancer patients.

In the results of the Harris Interactive survey, the company found 92 per cent of oncologists think it is vital for this demographic to avoid further illness in order to be successfully treated.

The research also discovered 96 per cent of infectious disease specialists had reported an increase of sufferers becoming resistant to antibiotics over the past five years.

Individuals undergoing chemotherapy were most likely to be affected by the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) virus.

Dr Sean Harper, chief medical officer and head of global development at Amgen, explained one in four patients become ill during therapy and more than a third require a second course of antibiotics.

"Infections associated with cancer treatment are increasing and are often serious, highlighting the need for a programme to improve infection control and appropriate antibiotic management in these high-risk patients," he said.

The company will work with the Centers for Disease Control Foundation on a three-year initiative to educate people about the issue.

Those who are interested in the survey can view a video on the Amgen's website.

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