Merial advises stress causes coccidiosis in calves

Veterinary Supplier News

Merial has advised that the condition coccidiosis is common when calves are exposed to stressful situations.

Joe Dedrickson is the associate director of the company's veterinary services department and made this comment on the Cattle Network website in response to a user's question about the disease.

He explained because their illness is induced by high levels of anxiety, producers never have an off season when it comes to protecting their calves.

Weaning, overcrowding, shipping, changing feed and weather shifts can all be factors that cause the disease.

Stopping the disease in the first place is best way to protect animals, as many cases are never diagnosed, often resulting in monetary losses for the keeper.

Mr Dedrickson recommended people use an amprolium that is designed to aid both prevention and treatment to help young cattle.

"This gives producers the ability to prepare calves to face periods of stress and provide a treatment should an outbreak occur - all from one product," he concluded.

At the beginning of 2009, Merial became the exclusive distributor and technical service provider of the ovo injection systems of AviTech.

The former asserted this has made it one of the largest avian businesses.

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