Anachem unveils SolventTrak Solvent Recycler


Anachem has launched a new product that it claims will provide users with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to store acetonitrile supplies.

The SolventTrak Solvent Recycler is able to recover up to 90 per cent of solvent used in isocratic HPLC systems, which could be ideal due to the decrease in production of acrylic fibres stemming from the lack of acetonitrile, Anachem said.

Moreover, the system will pay for itself within two months of purchase, the company added.

It concluded: "You reduce your risk of having no solvent available, you save money as you don't need to order more and you help the environment by reducing the need for solvent disposal."

The SolventTrak Solvent Recycler can be fitted into any isocratic LC system and does not require complex programming.

Science sales executives might be interested to know that Anachem has over 35 years of experience in the field of liquid handling technology.

As well as its own brands, it distributes tips and pipettes by Gilson and Rainin.

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