Elga Process Water offers opportunity to rent its systems


Elga Process Water has launched a new service – giving its customers the option to rent or buy its water treatment systems.

Via the new All-in-Pack scheme customers are able to rent a system and pay for it quarerly via a direct debit, reports Edie.net.

Elga Process Water will service the system just as they would if the consumer had purchased it outright.

Speaking about the initiative, ELGA Process Water's national service director, John Pethers, told the website: "It works in exactly the same way whether the Customer wants a single piece of equipment like, say, a Rapide Strata deioniser, or a complete pharmaceutical water system."

"In either case we work with the Customer customer to decide the right technical solution and level of service cover, then we supply, deliver, commission and service the equipment."

The All-in-Pack scheme was born after Mr Pethers questioned a number of customers about whether they would prefer to buy or rent – with a surprising number choosing the latter option.

Elga Process Water provides process water treatment systems to the industrial, pharmaceutical, scientific and healthcare sectors.

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