Mettler Toledo Ltd: custom applications for weighing terminals


Mettler Toledo has said its new graphical programming environment allows customers to customise applications in an "intuitive" way.

The manufacturer's TaskExpert is already available for the IND780 weighing terminal and is soon to be obtainable for the IND560, which the company said will provide "scalable solutions" for its range of industrial weighing terminals.

According to the producer, TaskExpert can create a special user interface including graphics, soft keys, labels, text boxes or selection boxes and also interact with the terminal's system variables and functions.

In addition it can implement I/O control through the terminal's ladder logic engine and manage the terminal's database.

"With its flowchart-like development tool, TaskExpert eliminates the need to learn complex line-oriented programming languages. The developer just drags, drops, and configures TaskExpert function blocks to build the application," commented the firm's spokesperson.

It was highlighted by Mettler Toledo that customers have the options of using one the firm's standard applications, modifying a standard application with TaskExpert, creating their own application or having a custom application designed for them by the company.

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