Johnson and Johnson subsidiary launches shoulder implant

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Johnson and Johnson subsidiary DePuy has launched a new implant designed to relieve severe rotator cuff pain.

The Delta Xtend system reverses the anatomy of the shoulder, the firm claims, allowing the deltoid muscle to function in moving the joint.

A ball portion attaches to the shoulder blade, while a socket is fixed to the upper arm, with a healthy deltoid required for the implant to work properly.

"Severe rotator cuff pain is a condition in which the rotator cuff muscles have degenerated to the point where they can no longer hold the shoulder intact or allow it to function normally," the company explains.

"In many cases, the cause of the weakness may be arthritis or a previous shoulder injury."

However, the manufacturer adds that lengthy rehabilitation is required following the procedure.

Johnson and Johnson recently announced a successful phase III trial of its Rivaroxaban treatment for the prevention of thromboembolism during knee surgery.

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