ELGA Process Water reaches regeneration milestone


ELGA Process Water has announced that it has regenerated its millionth litre of regenerated ion exchange resin.

The company states that its £5 million investment in its Stoke-on-Trent facility has also regenerated two million litres for AQUAMOVE trailer mounted mobile treatment plants.

Cylinder exchange produces high-purity water, with the cylinder containing mixed bed ion exchange resins connected to the water supply. The resin then removes impurities, which consequently produces "high-quality water at the turn of a tap".

When cylinders are emptied, they are exchanged to ELGA Process Water for a recharged one, which eliminates concerns about handling dangerous chemicals or getting rid of regeneration wastes.

ELGA further asserts that the quality of its product is of prime importance, as is the need to ensure quality is maintained.

It states: "Each regenerated batch of resin undergoes detailed quality control laboratory tests to ensure that it complies with ELGA Process Water's stringent standards.

"Once the cylinders are loaded with resin they are bar coded so that the resin batch from which they were filled and the exact regeneration conditions can be traced."

The news follows ELGA Process Water's announcement that it is to make new additions to its reverse osmosis (RO) range of equipment.

Designed to appeal to industrial users, the RO units are self-contained and are designed to be used in the modern plant environment.

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