Siemens Medical launches new system for digital radiography

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Siemens Medical has announced the launch of the Axiom Aristos VX Plus, a new system designed to be included in fully digital radiography.

The company reports that flat detectors are already used in cardiology and angiography as a replacement for the image intensifier and predicts that they will enjoy similar success in the radiography sector.

While noting that some users currently are reticent regarding adoption of this change due to the expense, it adds that the Axiom Aristos VX Plus enables entry into fully digital radiography, complete with a flat detector that can be paid for in a short amount of time.

"Whether the patient is standing, lying down or sitting in a wheelchair, whether exposures are taken of the thorax or the extremities - Axiom Aristos VX Plus proves its superb flexibility," Siemens Medical reports.

The system can be configures simply with a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube and a flat detector mounted on the floor and able to swivel, as well as alternate configuration operations.

At the recent 92nd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America earlier Siemens Medical introduced the first mobile x-ray system that features integrated computed radiotherapy.

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