Advanced Medical Solutions receives approval for wound dressings

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Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS), the Winsford, Cheshire-based company, has announced it has received European approval for wound dressings containing the latest silver ionic technology.

Silver ionic wound dressings are employed for their antimicrobial properties. AMS' new woundcare products combine silver ions with alginate, a biopolymer manufactured from seaweed. The new dressings have already been approved and sold in the US by AMS' marketing partners, but approval for use in the EU will enable a European launch in association with key partners in the second half of 2006.

Dr Don Evans, AMS' chief executive, stated: "I am delighted that this product range will now be available in Europe allowing us to further strengthen our presence in the dynamic silver market.

"We are well positioned with a wide range of products and partners on a global basis to capitalise on the increasing trend towards using anti-microbial dressings to help protect wounds against infection."

"This is a key element of the company's organic growth strategy," he concluded.

The Advanced Medical Solutions Group comprises two subsidiaries - AMS, the woundcare and dressings company based in Winsford, and MedLogic, based in Plymouth, Devon. The group employs approximately 180 staff and has an estimated turnover of over 12 million pounds.

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