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Interview Tips

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself an interview. Read our top tips to ease your stress and achieve interview success.


Dress for success – If the interviewer hasn’t specified what to wear at the interview, then dress smarter than usual. Ensure your outfit is ironed, washed and absent of anything distracting. Follow this with presentable and clean shoes that match your outfit. Dressing appropriately and professionally for the interview will show the recruiter that you are taking the job role seriously.

Research and Preparation – By researching the company, you will gain a better understanding of their future aspirations and culture. This will enable you to talk about the company during the interview, which will prove that you’re passionate about the industry. 

The interviewer may want you to ask questions at the end – therefore, make sure you are prepared with questions you’d like to ask about the company. Also, the company may want you to bring in examples of your work, so ensure you’re able to retrieve them with ease and present them in an orderly fashion.

Remember to double-check whether you’ll need a form of identification on the day, like a driving license and passport. Remember to bring a copy of your CV with you, as the interviewer may not have enough copies.

Practice – Remember to reread the job description to help you figure out what the company is looking for within an employee. Also, focus on your unique selling points so that you can successfully portray why you are the employer they need.

Practice your responses with a friend or relative, so that you are confident on the day.

Plan – You should write down any necessary details about the interview from the moment you receive your invitation.

Remember to note down where you need to be, at what time, and plan your route and an alternative route ahead of the day.

Keep calm – If you’re starting to panic, take a deep breath. This will allow you to think clearly. Remember, you’ve been invited to the interview because the company is considering you as a potential employee.

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I am recruiting   I am job seeking
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