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Why is Contracting in the Consumer Healthcare Industry?
Interims and contracting are in place:
- To provide greater flexibility as employers can have many restrictions within permanent positions.
- To enable talent to be recruited whilst a there is no approval for a headcount role
- To cover short term requirements
- To trial a project before it becomes approved as a long term plan

Is contracting role right for you within the healthcare consumer industry?
- You seek greater financial reward than a permanent role
- You seek more flexibility than a permanent role would offer
- You cannot commit to a permanent role
- Your experience is more appropriate to a contract role than permanent
- The role you want happens to be on a contract

When would you not take a contracting role?
- If your skills are in an area of low demand, you may find that contracts will be infrequent, restricting your income, and a permanent position would then be more beneficial.

Consumer Healthcare Contracting Job Roles include:
Marketing Manager · Product Managers · Project Managers · Sales Managers · Key Account Managers · Sales Executives · National Account Managers · General Manager · Internal Sales · Marketing Executives · Marketing Assistants · Sales Administrators · Human Resourcers · Finance · Office Support · Operations Management · 

Why choose Zenopa for your contracting needs?
Zenopa success in delivery:
- In house, contracting department
- We liaise on your behalf- Required equipment, e.g. cars, laptops, mobiles, we negotiate with the employer source and manage these on your behalf.
- Our recruitment teams have built relationships with some of the UK’s most prestigious medical companies
- Successful management of contractors, 94% of contractors complete their contract.
- Systems that work for you, as an ISO 9000 organisation we have fully defined systems that are regularly audited. You can be assured we consistently following processes that deliver for all.

The next step:
If you would like to find out more about current contracting roles we have available within the Consumer Healthcare industry, please call the team on +44 (0) 1494 818 050, send us a message or email

All enquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence.

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