Brad Elson

World Tuberculosis Day

On the 24th March every year we come together to celebrate World Tuberculosis Day to intensify efforts to stop the worldwide TB crisis and to educate the public about the destructive effects of this disease on individual wellbeing, whole communities, and the international economy.

On this day in 1882, Dr. Robert Koch reported that he had found the bacteria linked to TB, paving the path for its detection and eventual treatment.

“Today is World Tuberculosis Day“

The goal of World Tuberculosis Day 2023, which hosts the topic "Yes! We can end TB!," is to promote optimism and elevated governance in to boost finance inputs, hasten the adoption of new WHO proposals, embrace breakthroughs, speed up the pace of action, and foster cross stakeholder cooperation in the fight against TB.

The upcoming UN High-Level Conference on TB presents potential to increase government dedication and awareness, making this year crucial. In the run-up to this event, nations will be encouraged to accelerate progress, which is what today will emphasise.

The WHO will also collaborate with partners to publish a message of urgency pushing Member States to expedite the adoption of the faster oral therapies for drug-tolerant TB.

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