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How To Dress Up For A Successful Interview

Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's been the part of several start up teams and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant. Here, he gives an insight into how you can dress for a successful interview....

"You know it’s always advisable to make a good first impression when you show up for a job interview. The secret to that is the choice of your cladding. More so, workplace dress codes are undergoing a swift evolution, and you may need to do some research before you pull off any interview. Looking the part at a job interview trickles down to some few important factors:

“Freelance writer Lewis Robinson gives an insight into how you can dress for a successful interview. “

Be Crafty

Remember, you don’t always need a suit to be deemed as appropriately dressed in an interview. The idea here is to dress smartly to have every chance of improving my resume. You should use your judgment and attempt to go out of the ordinary. You can contemplate an official-cum-casual look, and chances are you may not necessarily fall out with the interviewing panel at first glance.

What’s more, be sure to learn the industry’s fashion culture. Some are more casual than others. You may ruffle a few feathers if you pop into an interviewing room all suited up, whereas the personnel on the other end of the table are dressed in casual! However, most dressing experts agree on one thing: never show up in a collarless shirt.

Dress a Level Up

Think about this, if you are interviewing for a job as a cook at a hotel, would you show up in a chef’s attire? No. In fact, you should dress up one or two levels above the job you are interviewing for. To have every chance of improving your resume, show your interviewer that you respect them irrespective of the outcome. 

What’s more, dressing a few levels up shows that you are familiar with the kind of job you’re interviewing for and even portrays that you care about it.

Wear Something Comfortable

Fitting your body in undersized pants won’t do you any good. You can’t afford to be twitching out of discomfort in front of an expectant interview panel. Wear apparel that goes easy on your muscles and legs. For footwear, pick a pair of shoes that you can easily adjust using shoelaces.

Additionally, wear a belt that doesn’t cause distress around your waist. Remember, comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean casual. Draw a line between these two and settle for attire that makes you feel eager and relaxed.

Don’t Overdo the Cologne

How you smell is an essential part of your outlook and how people will perceive you. Don’t spray strongly scented cologne all over your body. You shouldn’t also apply extreme amounts of cologne. Be cautioned that such a move would certainly put off any interview. The point is to create a lasting and positive first impression by how well you dress, without overdoing any aspect.

Moreover, the interviewers are likely to feel irritated, and may you send out before you even utter a word. If you must apply cologne, do it minimally. Spray under the armpits and a bit around the chest area.

Go Easy on Accessories

Improving a resume involves giving a deep thought on appropriate accessories that won’t stir up the interview room. For men, having a watch isn’t too bad an idea, but make sure it isn’t too flashy or colorful. Match it with your garments. If you must wear earrings or piercings, make sure they aren’t too conspicuous. They shouldn’t obscure your natural look. After all, what you say will make a difference in the interview and shifting focus on your weighty accessories isn’t too good an idea. For women, it’s important to feel comfortable right from the shoes to other types of jewellery. Settle for close-to-toe high heels or flat office shoes. Furthermore, desist from putting on large pieces of ornaments or necklaces. You might end up looking scary rather than impressive.

Wrapping Up

Properly dressing up for a successful interview is an art in itself. You should find the right balance between the appropriate cladding, shoes, and accessories. Peruse through this piece and get to know what type of dressing will likely go down well with your interviewers."

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