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5 reasons to consider a career in sales?

Sales is about building relationships between people, helping others achieve their goals and solve their problems by providing a service or offering a product. It’s not about forcing people to purchase a product or invest in a service that will add little value to either their personal or business life.  With a Sales role you need to understand the party’s needs, wants and desires, and then work with them to provide a solution.

Whether you have graduated from university or are looking for a change within your career, here are 5 reasons as to why you shouldn’t rule out Sales job opportunities:

“Whether you have graduated from university or are looking for a change within your career, here are 5 reasons as to why you shouldn't rule out sales job opportunities...“

There are good prospects:

Most businesses rely on revenue to be generated by sales, and therefore sales roles can be found within any industry. The more niche the area, the more likely companies will have specialist requirements for you to be considered, but there is scope for you as a salesperson to be able to change companies for career progression, or switch industries.

There is continuous training:

Many industries will offer extensive and continuous training programmes both internally and externally. These are great for personal development, and will contribute towards improving your skills.

Success is rewarded:

Many sales roles will offer competitive packages with excellent benefits and commission schemes, and some will include company car packages. As one of the main sources of income for the company, it is important that the sales team receive some of the financial rewards. However, remember that you will only see these rewards if you work for them. The harder you work the more you will make. Sales is a job role that is driven by results, and companies will expect you to perform at a certain level. If you don’t meet this level, it could lead to you losing your job.

There is stability in a sales role:

Companies will always need a sales team, and in times of trouble you are more than likely not to be the first to be let go, but that is not to say that you’re always safe. If you’re not performing and achieving what is expected of you, then the outcome could be different, but in times of crisis, companies will push for bigger sales in the first instance.

There are opportunities for career progression:

Within this role, you will learn about time management, how to manage a budget and depending on the role, gain in public speaking confidence. Sales is a great platform that can give you the skills to either aid you to progressing into a sales manager role, or going in another direction if you find that sales isn’t for you.

But remember…

There are huge benefits of taking up a sales career which have been highlighted above, but working within a sales environment is never easy. As the saying goes, for every one person who says ‘yes’ there will be nine who say ‘No’. Working in sales requires a lot of energy, stamina and mental ability to keep going, be bright and cheerful for long periods of time (especially at events an exhibitions) and you need to have the resilience to not give up and get demotivated. If you think you have that kind of mentality, then a career in Sales could be for you;

Interested in a career in Sales? Be Prepared:

If you think a career on sales is for you, and you don’t have much sales experience, don’t’ fret. There are some things that you can do to help, make you a contender amongst numerous CV’s.


Shadowing a sales rep within the industry that you would like to work in is a great way for you to experience a day and get a feel for what it will be like, and it looks great on a CV to a prospective employer. Here at Zenopa, we can offer you advice and put you in contact with companies within the Healthcare industry that will be happy to help.

Conduct Research

Researching around the industry that you would like to embark on as well as around the company if you get an interview, will help you to feel more confident, and will show the panel that you are serious about moving into a sales role.


Talk to people you know are in sales, create or use your LinkedIn profile to connect with people within the industry and ask questions that will help you understand what is required. Again this will reflect well on you and show a prospective employer that you are serious about getting into a sales role.

How can Zenopa help you?

Zenopa is a service organisation that’s provides flexible, rapid and effective recruitment solutions within the healthcare industry. We work with leading companies within the healthcare sector that offer sales opportunities at all levels within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Animal Health, Consumer, Dental , and Scientific sectors. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, register your details, send us a message, call +44 (0)1494 818 000 or email enquiries@zenopa.com

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