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What is important to our clients?

We have a clear business vision here at Zenopa; ‘to be the leader in our services’.  In order for us to achieve this, we need to make sure that we as a company are refining and developing new recruitment solutions that deliver for our clients.

As Richard Branson rightfully points out, the key to ‘succeeding in business is all about making connections’ and setting ‘realistic..expectations, and then not just to meet them but to exceed them…’  Having knowledgeable recruitment consultants who are trained to be the experts within their field, and understanding what it is that you, our clients want out of a recruitment agency will put us in a good position to hitting that desired vision.

“We asked our clients to let us know how the rate our services in 2016. The results are in...“

So are our consultants up to speed with knowing what factors are important to clients, and most importantly, are they delivering the best service to them?  To find out how we are doing, our consultants participated in an internal survey, and we collated all of our completed client feedback survey from last year to find out directly their views on the service that we offered in 2016.

The results:

93% of our consultants felt that having a superior calibre of candidate was the most important factor when using a recruitment agency, followed by employee retention and time to hire in equal parts (53%), with the reduced recruitment cost being the least important to them.

They also felt that clients consider these three attributes where the most important to a client when working with a recruitment agency:

Understanding the role and attributes a potential candidate would require to succeed in a role

The efficiency of setting up interviews and the level of communication that is offered throughout the recruitment process.

Understanding the business and being effective at keeping parties engaged.

We pride ourselves on being recruitment with integrity, striving to be open and honest in our customer internal communication with both our candidates as well as our clients, and within this value we are succeeding.

Last year, 38% of our clients stated that we offered excellent communication and efficiency when it came to organising and setting up interviews, with 34% being impressed or really happy (53%) with the level of honesty in which we operate at. 53% of our clients were really happy with the quality of the relationship that we have built with them, with 73% thinking that we had developed a good understanding of the role and candidate attributes needed to fill- a point that are consultants considered to be an important factor. All of the consultants at Zenopa will take ownership of any role that is put in front of them as well as take on tasks that may not be defined in those roles with the aim to proactive in order to meet the standards they have set themselves and meet our client deadlines. 67% of our clients fed back that we offer excellent advice on candidate profiles, and have built good quality relationships- with 76% stating that they would come to Zenopa first when looking to recruit within the business.

As much as we are proving to be excelling in lots of aspects, there is always room for improvement. 52% of our clients found that they were always able to speak to their account manager, but 23% felt there were times when they were not always available when they called to speak to them. We are working on improving our service to ensure that there will always be someone available to answer the phone and answer your questions, with opening hours being slightly earlier than most business to allow you to have a call before or after your working day. As such, our consultants strive to ensure that all conversations are recorded within your profile set on our bespoke data system, so that if your chosen contact is not available (either with meetings or quickly eating some lunch) another member of the team will be able to assist you as much as they can.

All in all a pretty good start to 2017.

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