Sophie Blumenthal

The best Secret Santa gifts for your colleagues this year

CV-Library has found that 74.6% of Brits enjoy getting involved with this festive gifting game, and whilst Secret Santa is a great opportunity to have some fun with your colleagues during the festive period it can be tricky to know where to draw the line.

Nearly half (47%) of Brits think you should give a funny gift, 33.7% a personal one and 17.9% say something generic, but surprisingly 1.5% of your fellow Brits think a rude present is acceptable.

“Stuggling with a gift for a colleague at work? Guest blogger Sophie from CV Library reveals the best gifts to purchase for a work Secret Santa. “

Not sure on what to buy? Here's what the nation believes are the best Secret Santa gifts for colleagues this year:


Novelty items (41.1%) - From Christmas socks, to 'A dummy's guide to XYZ', you can have a laugh with your gift without crossing the line.

Sweets/chocolates (40.1%) - You can't go wrong with a bit of festive confectionery, so this is a good option if you're stuck for a gift idea.

Vouchers (39.7%) - If in doubt, find out what shops your colleague likes to buy from and get them a voucher - even better if there's a running joke about it.

Personalised mugs (26.1%) - Is there a memorable quote from your office? Stick it on a mug! You can't go wrong with a personalised gift.

Alcohol (24%) - If you're stuck for ideas and know your colleague's favourite tipple, get down your local supermarket and pick up a bottle. There's plenty of plonk for under a fiver.

Stationery (8.3%) - From notebooks and Post-its, to pens and fancy folders, brighten up your co-worker's desk with some nice looking stationery

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